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Business Mobility

Mobility has taken on a new meaning. Simplefones’ solutions will establish reliable communications. Whether you are running a large corporation or a small business, transform the way you communicate your business with Simplefone.

SRTP Encryption

Voice communications are becoming extremely vulnerable. With Simplefone’s Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol encryption, we ensure that your communications are secure by fully encrypting audio and video media traffic.

Cloud-based Communication

Let us help you transition all your communications to a cloud, allowing your phone service to go where you go. Utilizing Simplefone’s Cloud-Based Communications allows you to unify and streamline all of your businesses communications.

API Integrations

Organizing your business is complicated with numerous platforms and systems. Integrating individual tools together into one platform, allows work to be done quicker and more efficiently. Simplefone’s Cloud-Based solution integrates many third-party platforms into one personalized and effective interface.


At Simplefone, we have one, central focus: Our Clients! As a trusted partner to our clients and affiliates, it is critical we not only meet their expectations but exceed them. We pride ourselves on innovation and our five core elements – which allows us to maintain consistent winning results.
Compliance & Encryption
In the cyber age, the safety and security of your company phone data is constantly in jeopardy. With Simplefone’s superior security, calls and data transmission are protected by a fully encrypted VPN connection, keeping sensitive data in, and eavesdroppers and hackers out.
Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, Simplefone has a fit for you. Use our Call Center Solution to manage your customer service needs, or simple VoIP services to grow your start-up. Simplefone can help grow your business with cost-effect and personalized systems.
Cost Efficient
Traditional phone systems are typically on a minute-by-minute charge making them costly. VoIP services provide lower service costs by using data passing through your IP network to cut your costs. Simplefone provides a fully encrypted and reliable service while saving you dollars.
Simplefone offers a guaranteed measurable uptime, translating into greater reliability. No running around. No on-site hardware. Always be connected and ready to go with VoIP easy to update software without the need of replacing equipment or calling technicians.
Simplefone VoIP provides a wide range of call management features without the cost of installing extra on-site equipment. Features like easy call-forwarding and voicemail allow you to spend less time worrying about your phones and focus on your business. Simplefone VoIP gives you ultimate flexibility, while being stress-free and efficient.
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