Built on an award-winning Softswitch platform, Simplefone’s cloud-based solutions provide access to rich features, revenue- generating applications, and the ability to unify communications. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from:



SIP Trucking

All you need is a steady internet connection and an existing phone system and you are ready for the benefits of SIP Trunking. Call us today to determine whether or not your network is fully ready to take advantage of a hosted phone system.

Hosted PBX

Easily connects with a wide range of industry‐leading PBX systems. Simplefone’s technical support team will assist with integrating SIP Trunking with your PBX and provide continues support whenever needed.

Business Mobility

Provides for a more efficient and productive way of collaborating on projects, staying in touch with your clients while away from the office and provides for a full-time access to your office phone line.



Reinvent how you communicate to the world with innovative APIs.

With constant pressure to enhance services and reduce costs, businesses are turning to SIP trunking as a way to compete in the voice market. Combing data and voice networks, will provide significant savings as well as open the door for wide range of new applications.

Economical. SIP trunking represents a simple and affordable solution to transform costly TDM-based PBX infrastructure into IP telephony. Both service providers and enterprises can leverage a single integrated IP access link for voice and data.
Because the voice and data traffic share one network, capacity management is easier and less expensive. Companies don’t have to buy extra bandwidth to handle simultaneous calls for their worst- case scenarios. Instead, voice overflows are dynamically shared on the data network.

New Applications and Services Opportunities. SIP trunking allows users to deliver a variety of new features, functionality, applications and services to their employee base in turn increasing productivity and decreasing expenses. By creating an opportunity for your employees to communicate and connect from anywhere in the world, you are positioning your business to generate additional revenue by not leaving any opportunity unanswered. In addition, you can keep an inventory of new capabilities in the pipeline to differentiate your company and reduce churn.



Reinvent how you communicate to the world with innovative APIs.

Over the last few years, global trends show IT budgets have been decreasing yet demand for business services growing. Today’s ever-evolving mobile world has become a 24/7 workforce, which is putting a tremendous strain on a company’s voice communications. In addition, many legacy PBXs are reaching their end-of-life stages.

These factors have created a storm of users to move businesses to a hosted IP Phone Solution. Delivered from the cloud, Simplefone’s hosted PBX services provide powerful applications intuitive user interfaces that substantially reduce costs and increases mobility.

Compelling Features for all Business Sizes. Simplefone sets itself apart from other providers, by delivering more than just standar calling features. Simplefone’s Hosted PBX offers features with the mobile employee in mind, including Private Dialing Plans, Short Codes, Account Codes, Hunt Group with Agent Login / Logout, Pickup Group, Call Park and Music-On-Hold. Simplefone deploys these features transparently across a broad variety of handsets and VoIP endpoints.

Accessible, Easy-to-Use Applications. Simplefone’s applications are developed to facilitate communication throughout the organization and enhance the user’s experience. These applications include complete cloud-based call services, call recording, advanced messaging, unified contacts, call history, comprehensive incoming call and voice messaging control, auto attendant with music-on-hold, and much more.

Simple Support and Management. To ensure 100% availability and superb voice quality, we provide access to innovative software applications and portals, administrators can easily configure and manage their platform and scale operations as required. In addition, Simplefone provides an end user portal for customizing phone configurations on an individual basis.




Reinvent how you communicate to the world with innovative APIs.

Simplefone’s cloud softphone application easily works with iPhone iPod touch and android mobile devices, as well as tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Users get unmatched mobility by taking their office phone anywhere they go.


Users will be able to make internal office calls from their iPhone or Android smartphones at no charge – just as if they’re dialing from their desktop VoIP phone extension. Being able to make and receive calls on a smartphone from any location means never missing an important call to the office again.

Simplefone Softphone provides a simple to use, intuitive interface that can be customized on demand, our sophisticated call functionality and exceptional voice quality take business communication to the highest levels without adding type of complexity.

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